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  • Pict0024
    Cherrystone, a famous black Aylestone
  • Pict0008 (2)   copy
    Velia - looking muddy. Bath in order!
  • China nettleberry 2
    Nettleberry - a flowered Rockhill
  • China newby 3
    Newby a black Rockhill
  • Quebec splash with jim
    Jim with Quebec's pup Splash, a flowered Rockhill
  • Nh3
    The splendid Bentley, China's pup and a black Rockhill with blue tongue
  • Quebec oswald (2)
    Siwald, Quebec's pup, a flowered Rockhill
  • Velia 12
    Velia's puppies
  • Good pic of geronimo
  • Baby geronimo and custer
    Geronimo and Custer as pups
  • Geronimo bigger by seat

Welcome back to the Aylestone Bulldog Website - the original home of the Aylestone Bulldog!

We are very sorry to announce that Geronimo, son of Bullseye, has died. He was 12 years old and had been doing well until just lately. He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord.

Just an update for everyone! We have had a sabbatical whilst waiting for young breeding stock to mature. While waiting Jim wrote his autobiography of his life in the Shetland Islands (where the first Aylestones were born), The Ratscape Chronicles - The Autobiographical Ramblings of an Outcast, and put it on Amazon where it can be bought in full colour or black and white. Jenny published three books of poetry: Missives From Periclean Athens (poems about Greek and Roman myths), Earthbound (about modern life) and Flags of Renunciation (poems about Indian legends) on Amazon as well, and began to compile animal poems and stories for publication. Some of these animal stories and poems have appeared in the Newsletter, but there are many others, funny, sad, inspirational, ghostly. As soon as the compilation is complete and illustrated it too will go on Amazon and be available to buy.

While all this was happening the website went south. It has taken months to build a new one - but here it is!

Meanwhile our other project was maturing. A new line of Aylestone Bulldogs, which would be black or blue, or black/blue flowered, with a blue tongue. Black Aylestones are rare, but there are a few and they have been spectacular. Now there is a third generation of Aylestones which breed black or flowered with blue tongues. They are called Rockhills to differentiate them from their more colourful cousins and puppies are now available.

We hope Aylestones will go from strength to strength in 2014 but just to remind everyone: if it does not have an Aylestone Bulldog pedigree it is NOT an Aylestone. Aylestones are registered at the home kennel, by Jenny Byrne, the Secretary. No other pedigrees are valid and it is not an Aylestone without a valid pedigree.

We continue to keep the Old Tyme Register of half-Aylestones, giving these dogs provenance, and have a data base of Old Tyme/Aylestone pedigrees for checking authenticity and accuracy.

Registrations are slightly fraught just now as we are installing a new printer, the old one having decided not to print anymore. We will get registrations out as soon as possible.

New! See JIim's blog at http://contactaylestonebulldog.blogspot.co.uk/

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