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  • Pict0024
    Cherrystone, a famous black Aylestone
  • Pict0008 (2)   copy
    Velia - looking muddy. Bath in order!
  • China nettleberry 2
    Nettleberry - a flowered Rockhill
  • China newby 3
    Newby a black Rockhill
  • Quebec splash with jim
    Jim with Quebec's pup Splash, a flowered Rockhill
  • Nh3
    The splendid Bentley, China's pup and a black Rockhill with blue tongue
  • Quebec oswald (2)
    Siwald, Quebec's pup, a flowered Rockhill
  • Velia 12
    Velia's puppies
  • Good pic of geronimo
  • Baby geronimo and custer
    Geronimo and Custer as pups
  • Geronimo bigger by seat
  • Bronson 2
  • Bronson   copy
    Bronson again
  • Bronson 3
    Bronson - showing distinctive markings - does anyone recognise him? If so email Jenny on [email protected]
  • Joy
    Brindle Bundle of Joy
  • Joy2
    Brindle Bundle of Joy
  • Joy3
    Brindle Bundle of Joy
  • Joy4
    Brindle Bundle of Joy
  • Dudley xmas miracle
    Dudley Christmas Miracle, son of Biggles (The Red Pimpernel)
  • Img 20160317 141431
    Pup 2 Mr Bell
  • Img 20160317 141609
    Pup 3 Mr Bell
  • Img 20160317 150126
    Prince Stampy of Aylestone - sire to Bell pups
  • Img 20160317 150428
    Little Skin and Blister from Southend - dam to Bell pups. Aka Pearl. We need more info about Skin and Blister. Contact [email protected] if you have information.
  • Img 20160317 141350
    Pup 1 - Mr Bell
  • Thumbnail 20161224 115733.jpgbeard2
    Beardmore pups
  • Thumbnail 20161224 120940.jpgbeard3
    Beardmore pups
  • Thumbnail 20161229 113750.jpg beard1
    Beardmore pups
  • Img 0397
    Sid - April 2007-August 2017

Welcome back to the Aylestone Bulldog Website - the original home of the Aylestone Bulldog!


Email us at: [email protected] ([email protected] is no longer working). Phone 0116 2442313 or mobile 07974281718.


J. Karalar has 3 pups from Duchess Bullseye of Aylestone and Aylestones Royal Bold Digger Lord, a son of Bullseye, who is now aged fourteen – showing the vigour and health of the Aylestone line! Girls: Queen Kymberly II, Countess Bertha. Boy: Master Brutus Lucius (he is a blue and fawn brindle, like his grandfather, Bullseye).

Also newly arrived are 9 pups from Mandolynne Queen. Currently only a week old, already look wonderful. Bred by R.P. Smith. News soon.


D. Charles has 11 pups with Jericho (Moonlight Becomes Her) - 5 girls and 6 boys. Details soon. Pups are 5 weeks old. All will be good for carrying on the Rockhill line.


S. Walker had pups with Willy’s Bullz Bella Blue and Big Bear Balou. All girls: Bilstone Bullies Tigger, BB Athena, BB Iris, BB Juno, BB Calypso, BB Spectre

H. Mussard had pups with Aylestone's Blossom of Snow and Bad Bull Company Max. Girls: Tia Maria Liqueur, Lady Cinders of the Posh Ball, Mortisha Queen of Darkness, Midnight Snow, Princess Anna, Ebony the Black Beauty, Mischievious Harley-Quinn. Boy: Brucey Bonus Price is Right

PUP News

G. Johnson had pups in June with Babushka's Girl and Peak in Dorian. Girls: Lucky Caesar's Precious Gift, Custer's Present Adventure, Ronette the Beggar's Daughter, Bullseye's Beauteous Bounty, Aylestone's Rainbow by the Tow-Path. Boy: Yaw Paw's Present Endeavour.

Gareth Johnson has a litter of 6 pups born to Babushka's Girl and Bam Bam's Peak in Dorian: boy: Yaw Paw's Present Endeavour; girls: Lucky Caesar's Precious Gift, Custer's Present Adventure, Ronette the Beggar's Daughter, Bullseye's Bounteous Beauty and finally, Rainbow by the Tow Path.

Kirsty Perkins has two pups from Moonlight Duchess and Midland Bullyz Bentley. The pups are descendants of the Black Aylestone line of Orabelle des Oc (Cherrystone, a Black Aylestone) and also from the redoubtable Red Pimpernel: both boys: Scion of Aylestone's Swaggerman and Midsommer's Aylestone Masterclass.

Samantha Simpson has pups from parents N.E.Roxy and Sir Winston, from Midland Bullyz Rolex and Burtonian Moonlight.
Details of Samantha Simpson's pups from N.E.Roxy and Sir Winston, from Midland Bullyz Rolex and Burtonian Moonlight, born in the summer. Pups: Girls: Trixie Cherrybelle, Ruby Spot o’ Luck, Starry Sapphire, Rosie Roxianna, Trudy Fair by Moonlight, Star Plum Pretty, Winston’s Bunny Clementina; Boys: Rex Stanlyman, Jack the Lad, Ronnie Knight the Windsor’s Pal. The pups are registered to T. Holden-Taylor.


We have just been told of the passing of Sid, (originally Top Dollar, pedigree name A. Bonchance Happy Man, sire Lucky Caesar, Dam Royal Kadeen). He left yesterday. 18th April 2007-5th August 2017. He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord. Our thoughts are with John and Chris Hemmings at this sad time. He was a lovely dog.

Mr and Mrs Walker have five pups with Willys' Bilston Beaut and Big Bear Balou of Aylestone: Girls: Bilston Bullies Charlies Angels, BB Princess Jade, BB Million Dollar Baby and BB Lucky Lucilla, and one boy: BB Maximus Decimus. Tel 07764240511 or email [email protected] for information. The pups are lovely.

Newsletter out!

Looking for a pup - has large garden and active lifestyle to suit active dog pup. Must have full pedigree and be Aylestone or HAL registered: phone 01513272008.

Pups looking for new homes

Katy Beardmore has three pups available from Aleisha Bracken and Lighter of the Winter Lamps. She lives near Doncaster and her email is: [email protected] Pups are delightful and come from an excellent line originally bred by Mandy Connor.


Shila, (The Duchess Delight) daughter of Ambrosia (The Jasmine Duchess Georgiana) and Beltane Chase MacKenzie, is looking for a new home. Shila is fawn with a touch of tricolour. She has had a successful litter of pups and is good with children. Phone David on 07400221203 if you can offer Shila a forever home.


Christmas Miracle is still lively and happy several months after being diagnosed with cancer. He is looking to be a father if possible. He is a lovely dog, and entirely suitable to father pups. Phone number on request - email [email protected]


Just a note about pedigrees. Usually pedigrees are on ivory heavy duty paper with a grid and all names in black. However, some pedigrees are in colour on ivory heavy duty paper, with a blue border, and the names of males and females in different colours (blue for dogs, and brownish for bitches). These pedigrees are found among Aylestones, OTBs and Rockhills - they are just the same as the black and ivory ones, and come from Aylestone Bulldogs just the same (it was an experiment but proved very expensive to produce so we reverted to the black and ivory - may try again later (if find some cheaper ink) as they look rather good!).


We have just learned that A. Captain Kid (known as Scrappy) passed away this morning, 21st September (he was born in April 2004). He was a remarkable dog, who, as a young puppy was not expected to survive. His owners pulled him through, however, helped by his own indomitable spirit and he has lived to reach twelve, and fathered several litters of puppies. Captain Kid was the son of Redgrit's Dogmatix at Aylestone and Aylestone's White Rose and he was brother to the equally well known Aylestone's Captain Hornblower, and half-sibling to Gloroious Goliath the Red and uncle to Sir Tigerous. Mr and Mrs Willoughby's pups are the latest of his descendents. He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord.



Sam Kemp has one pup from Madam Medusa and C-Jay Cassidy, a girl: The Stone Queen's Daughter for Aylestone. She has three pups from Bosonica Nerina the Flourishing (Madam Medusa's daughter) and C-Jay Cassidy. Girls: The Dragonlady Jasmine, The Milk Chocolate Pagan Duchess. Boys: The Artful Plutonic Dragonsinger. They all have homes.


H. Barker has two pups from Katherine de Co Co of Aylestone and Morganbullyz Hercules (a very nice dog, we hear). Two boys: Rufus Jayson de Co Co and Thor White Tip Thunderlord.

Mr and Mrs Willoughby have pups from Ford's Ninja and the well-known and well-liked Workforce Bon Voyage. Girls: Willy's Bullz Black Eyed Girl, WB Tilly's Adventure, WB Yellow Dog, WB Bella Blue, WB Derry Go Round and WB Lucky Eight. Boys: WB Billy Nilly, WB Tiny Tim and WB N'Ree Almighty.


From P Dunn and Andrew Irvine Aylestones born to Geneva Belle and Bullseye's Winning Gamble. Girls: White Cherry, Ginevra Fawnchette, Friday's Child the Graceful. Boys: The Gambler, Red Osiris the Winner, Brave Scion of Spartacus. Phone Andrew on 07867495460 for details.

From Sarah Smith: Aylestones born to Frankie Dolly of Bracken and Aylestone and Rainbow Gi-Gi's Romantic Romeo of Aylestone: Sweet Tilly, Lady Sue, Dizzy Lizzy, Dark Princess, Fiery Iris and Dolly's Jasmine - girls. Boys: Arnie's Red Emperor, Arnie's Prince Dragonheart, Prince Romeo and Big Bear Balou.

From Sarah Boyle: Lady Sassy of Shire and Sir Sebastian of Shire, from General Hornblower Buster of Aylestone, and Keesha, daughter of Almost White John and Leonora Belle.

From Leanne O'Neil: Bronson Rolexian, Fawn Lady Cherie, Georgina Beltane Lady and Lenten Lily, from Princess Delia and Midland Bullyz Rolex.

A. Hughes pups as follows with Scion of Diana and Midland Bullyz Rolex: Girls Bertha Blanche Bellissima and Peggy Sue; Boys: Bulldozer, The Two Patch Kid, Heroic Sid Hercules' Boy and Chocolate Teddy the Scion of Hercules. Registrations are coming in for these pups.

Ms Hughes: 2 pups not yet named from Mathilda and MorganBullyz Hercules.


James Bhatt (Webmaster) has let us know the sad news that Sir Tigerous of Aylestone passed on today, 6th July. He was known to all who loved him as Little Lewis and was the son of Glorious Goliath the Red at Aylestone and Aylestone's Delia Delegance, and a great-grandson of Bullseye - and bred by the Webmaster. Little Lewis was ten and had a friendly, loving temperament. On Monday he was out playing with the James's children as usual, but on Tuesday evening it was clear the end was coming. He was brother to the well-known Lady Noir of Aylestone, and so uncle to CoCo Cherry Liqueur who has just become a grandmother. He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord.


Mick Smith has let us know that Aylestone's Royal Rupert Ursus, son of Aylestone's Caledonian Exile and Aylestone's Royal Foul Ron the Beggar, left this world on 16th May, aged eleven years. Mick says that Rupert was loyal, faithful and loving and that to have him share his life with the Smith family was a privilege. He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord.


Dudley, Christmas Miracle (son of The Red Pimpernel at Aylestone) is looking for a bitch to breed with in order to preserve his line. Dudley is six and has liver cancer so the call is urgent. Picture of Dudley on the carousel. Contact Michael Humphreys on 07495161762 email: [email protected] Bitch can be OTB, Rockhill or Aylestone - the need is to preserve the line. Michael is hoping to have a pup from any litter who will be like Dudley, who is a happy and friendly dog.


We understand that some people are having trouble finding an Aylestone stud in their locality, so we thought we might offer a hub where people can put their dogs available for stud with their locality and contact details. Email me, at [email protected], with details, pedigree name and contact information.


Mr and Mrs Kemal have told us that Prince Tyke of Aylestone has died. He was the son of Royal Imogen Gardenia and Royal Simba. Our thoughts are with them at this sad time. He is hunting in the fields of the Lord, he is hunting in the fields of Elysium.


Anthea Hughes has pups with Scion of Diana and Hercules.


More new pups. D. Fragola has three pups with Cooke's Smiley Miley and The OTB Branston. 2 boys, 1 girl. Fragola's Baxter Boy and Olivia's White Angel born 13th February, and Valentine Tank the Titan born on 14th (naturally!). Contact Dione at [email protected] for info.

P. Bell has 7 pups with Prince Stampy of Aylestone and Little Skin and Blister from Southend (formerly Pearl). Girls: Artful Pearl the Beach Belle, Eve St. Laurent, Pearly Queen Delilah. Boys: The Pearly King of Essex, Winning Essex Lad, Son o' the Bow Bells, Cockney Lad by the Sea. Born 16.2.16. Mr Bell can be contacted at [email protected] or 07970985843, Pictures on carousel.


Gary Dodds has pups with Braveheart Bullyz Bronson and Fashionable Chanel Lady. Details to follow soon.
Update: Two girls, Brindle Bundle of Joy and Blue Thunder, one boy: Cute and Pure Love.

Gary still has one pup left, Brindle Bundle of Joy (see pictures). His details are: phone: 01312614168 or 01316635148, email: [email protected]

Mr and Mrs Willoughby have six pups with Ford's Ninja and Workforce Bon Voyage, (from the well-known Workforce line bred by J. Cooke) born 2nd November. Boys: Willy's Finest Bull; girls: Will's Ninja, Willy's Patch Workforce, Willy's Katie Diddle, Willy's Bilston Beaut and Willy's Best Diamond.

Hayley Baker has 6 pups with Belle-Aurora Dawn of Aylestone (bred by M. Connor) and the well-know Relentless Red Warrior (who is descended from Cherrystone, a black Aylestone). Boys: Redson Relentless, Lord of the Dawn; girls: Aurora the Younger, Paprika Warrior Belle, Red Eo-Rosabelle and Lady Sunrise.

K. Payne has 7 pups with April's White Diamond of Aylestone and Fenland Vampire. Boys: Leicester's Finest, Charlie's Boy, Vamp's Son, Roman Boy and Storm; girls: White Dimond and Remy and Ella's of Leicester. These pups were born in September.

Lisa Swinscoe has pups with Victoria Toxophilist of Aylestone and the well-known Relentless Red Warrior. Boys: Charlie the Legendary Archer, Trusty Burt the Romancer and Lord Sable the Diamond Prince; girls: Romantic Missy Maiden Mood-Spinner and Bouncing Frankie the Junior Hot Tottie. Born late October.

Gareth Johnson has pups with Babushka's Girl of Aylestone and Bam Bam's Peak in Dorian of Aylestone (bred by M. Connor). Boys: Derek's Devil and Leo the Lion; girls: Princess Cleopatra.


Noah's Ark, Jenny Clarke's poems from the newsletters along with many more poems about animals. With a dashing cover made up of pictures of Aylestones and Old Tyme Bulldogs! £3.40 from Amazon. Ideal Christmas gift for animal lovers everywhere.

The Cat Got The Weazle - poems by President, Jim Clarke, zany and funny. £3.00 from Amazon.

Merry Christmas! - Well, they're putting up the decorations!


Latest news!

K. Beardmore has pups with Aleisha Bracken of Aylestone and Lighter of the Winter Lamps of Aylestone. Contact details: [email protected] Pups are Jessie's Boy Woody, and Little Miss Bossy.

Also Mr and Mrs Willoughby have delightful pups - 4 days old - details as soon as we have them.

News just in!

B. Wright has 8 pups with Princess Rimel of Aylestone (daughter of Arabella the Talented and the well known Brosza's Boy and a descendant of the famous Muddy - Aylestone's Zany by Jupiter St George) and Bullseye's Winning Prince (son of The Only Pebble on the Beach of Aylestone - of the famous Yaw Paw line - and Bullseye's Winning Gamble). There are three boys: Winning Jupiter, Vuiton Prince, Prince Jonathan, and five girls: Bright White Pebble on the Beach, The Talented Fashion Icon, Patchalina the Pure, Jasmine-Sophia Regal and Duchess Rimel. This is Princess Rimel and Winning Prince's second successful litter! These are all stunning pups. Telephone Beverley on 0116 3199419 for details of pups available.

Also nine pups born to Sarah McWilliam - all CHOCOLATE - a rare colour! Silver Duchess Starrlight of Aylestone (a descendant of the well loved A. Royal Foul Ron the Beggar) is the dam and Copper Glance (registered as Billy Pride of Netherhall) the sire. Sarah can be contacted on: [email protected] This is also a rare line - Copper Glance has not bred before and is aged 8! Pups are: Female: Red Rose, Silver Starrlight Osiris, Meri-Asset the Goddess and Duchess Scarlet Yasmin. Males: Arnoldo Glance, Glance of White Chocolate, Royal Scion of Ffion the Black, Lordbird the Good and Chocolate Glance.

Latest news: Wayne Moore has pups with Jimmy's Hooch and Midland Bullyz Rolex. This is their second successful litter! Females: Moonlight Geisha, Cherie Belle, Mandolynne Queen, Keira Rose, Buffy the Heroine and Molly Muffin. Males: Sambucca Boy and Cotman Sky Warrior.

Also just in L. Price has a litter of OTBs from CoCo Cherry Liqueur and SOTB Berlin Blake (pet name Balou the Bear). This is CoCo's second litter, the first was with C-Jay Cassidy at Aylestone. Five pups, one girl, 4 boys - all look very nice pups. Males: Co Co's Raven Master, Alfredo the Lucky Wizard, Imperial Tiberius the Beggar King and Mighty Pagan Warrior; female: Leonardo's Princess Cherry.

A flurry of litters has appeared! There have been four litters of Aylestones: Sam Kemp has seven pups with Madam Medusa and C-Jay Cassidy. Boys: Bouncing Brindle Boy, Dozer, Butch Cassidy and Blackeyed Boy; girls: Masked Girl, White Fire and Sparkling Champagne. One pup was born from Bosonica Nerina the Flourishing and C-Jay Cassidy, a boy: Rainboy Jayson. They are to be found in Leicester.

Emma Green has six pups with Pearl Princess of Aylestone and Youthful Cinematic Hero. There are two males: Tank at Aylestone and Tig from Aylestone, and four females: Bailey for Aylestone, Minx by Aylestone, Roxie of Aylestone and Gismo with Aylestone. They are also to be found in Leicester. This is the breeding of a rare line from Cinematic Hero (who was born in 2008).

Sarah Smith has six pups with Frankie Dolly of Bracken and Rainbow Gi-Gi's Romantic Romeo. There are five males: Arnie's Bully Boy, Midnight Duke, Warlord's Red Emperor, Rainbow Jubilee's Red and Romeo's Guardian Dragonlord, and one female: Dolly Gorgeous Girl. They are in Dewsbury.

Additionally, great news, two litters of Rockhills have been born. Dean Charles had nine pups with Moonlight Becomes Her and C-Jay Cassidy. Males: Archer Hotshot, Fortunate Wizard, Pagan Warrior, Duke of Bordeaux, Dragonsong Sundancer,Poseidon the Sealord and Chocolate Rock Crystal. Female: Rainbow Bellisima and Flora Star. Registrations are now arriving for these.

The second litter is to Claire Caisley with China's Wondrous Crystal Snowbelle and Queensland Tiger the Restful. Four males: Bullseye the Bashful, Nipper the Adventurous Rebel, Butch the Lionheart and Daredevil Desmond the Valiant. Four females: Precious Biscuit the Mischievous, Gorgeous Gertrude the Exquisite, Majestic Lola the Fearless and Magnificent Molly the Playful. These pups are in Suffolk.

John Cooke and Ron Naisbit had eight pups from Nezzy's Molly and the well-known Workforce Bullitt. Seven females: Believe in Better, Brindle Side Step, Promise of Song, Bourgoise, High Hills Henrietta, Jester Jasmine and Merry Mavis, and one male: Workforce Bon Voyage.

Gary Dodds had ten pups with Fashionable Chanel Lady and Braveheart Bullyz Bronson; two females: Galice Blue Alice and HarlaQuin, and eight males: Sir Lancelot, Billy the Kid, Danderhall Ranger, Captain Hook, Paws of Thunder, Blue Rascal, King Charles and Blue Bandit. Registrations coming in now.

David Turner had six pups with Burtonian Moonlight and the well-known Midland Bullyz Rolex. There were two males: Sir Winston and Lord Edgar, and four females: Princess Aella, Lady Eleanor, Moonlight's Elizabeth and Miss Georgina.

M. Jones and K. Holder had nine pups with Poppy's Skydancer Dreamer of Aylestone and Montgomery Man. There were five females: Lady Lexy, Duchess Corky, Princess Sofia, Lady Nancy and Duchess Beau. Males were: Master Reuben, Bertie Boy, Sooty the Duke and Good Stan the Man. Registrations are coming in for these pups now.

Paula Wheatley also had nine pups with O'Toole's Padme of Aylestone and Bonremi Belentines Love. Girls: Angel of Bonmar 46, Athena Warrior of Bonmar 46, Lady Betsy of Bonmar 46, Sky Blue Bonmar 46, Poppy Child of Beauty of Bonmar 46 and Squeaky Cheeky of Bonmar 46. Boys: Alfie Boy of Bonmar 46, Buster Boy of Bonmar 46 and Big George of Bonmar 46. Paula hand reared all nine pups after their mother became ill with mastitis. All nine pups survived and mother has recovered! Full story in Newsletter.


We have two re-delivery cards for a registration/pedigree form delivered by the Post Office on 23rd July 2015 (wrong postage) and 30th July - unfortunately we were on holiday and did not find these in time to ask for a re-delivery and they have been returned to sender. If you are an owner who has had a registration/pedigree form returned undelivered can you please re-send it so that we can do your registration or pedigrees? Please also phone us on 0116 2442313 or text Jenny on 07974281718.


Though no longer breeding Aylestones we wish to keep alive the flame of Aylestone. In order to help this along Jenny wants to help people to find a stud dog, or a dam requiring a stud. She also wants to make sure that Ayestones in need of rescue get good homes.
The idea is to keep a register of studs and dams so that you can find a good mate for your dog in your area, or as near as possible. Always remember, when considering a stud dog, that it is necessary to take the dam to the sire as the dog is less likely to perform away from home, and 2 or 3 matings is usually recommended.

Register of Studs

If you wish your dog to father puppies send us a photo, his pedigree name or number and contact details.

Register of Dams

If you wish to have have puppies with your dog the best thing to do is first consult us, as age is important. Once decided on when you want puppies a photo of the lady in question, with her pedigree name or number and your contact details can go on the site.


Dogs in need of a home are currently found under Dogs on this site. If you wish to re-home your pet because of changes in circumstances a photo, his/her pedigree, whether or not spayed or castrated and contact details can go on the site. The aim is to find a good, responsible home for every Aylestone.


The last newsletter was that for Easter. The next will appear in August. The newsletter goes out by email to owners of registered Aylestones or dogs on the HAL register. Registration is easy: ring Jenny on 0116 2442313 or email [email protected] The newsletter is full of information, pictures, stories and advice and accepts articles, pictures or stories from members.
Selected newsletters can be downloaded and read from the site. Enjoy!


We are very sorry to announce that Geronimo, son of Bullseye, has died. He was 12 years old and had been doing well until just lately. He is hunting in the fields of Elysium, he is hunting in the fields of the Lord. Also lost to us is Stella (Bam Bam Aylestone's Beauty, daughter of Royal Iris the Rainbow and Longbow Victorious), belonging to Mandy Connor. Also sadly passed on is The Duke of Marlborough, son of Bullseye and Princess Dorothea. They hunt in the fields of Elysium and their lines go onward.


Just an update for everyone! We have had a sabbatical whilst waiting for young breeding stock to mature. While waiting Jim wrote his autobiography of his life in the Shetland Islands (where the first Aylestones were born), The Ratscape Chronicles - The Autobiographical Ramblings of an Outcast, and put it on Amazon where it can be bought in full colour or black and white. Jenny published three books of poetry: Missives From Periclean Athens (poems about Greek and Roman myths), Earthbound (about modern life) and Flags of Renunciation (poems about Indian legends) on Amazon as well, and began to compile animal poems and stories for publication. Some of these animal stories and poems have appeared in the Newsletter, but there are many others, funny, sad, inspirational, ghostly. As soon as the compilation is complete and illustrated it too will go on Amazon and be available to buy.

While all this was happening the website went south. It has taken months to build a new one - but here it is!

Meanwhile our other project was maturing. A new line of Aylestone Bulldogs, which would be black or blue, or black/blue flowered, with a blue tongue. Black Aylestones are rare, but there are a few and they have been spectacular. Now there is a third generation of Aylestones which breed black or flowered with blue tongues. They are called Rockhills to differentiate them from their more colourful cousins and puppies are now available.

We hope Aylestones will go from strength to strength in 2014 but just to remind everyone: if it does not have an Aylestone Bulldog pedigree it is NOT an Aylestone. Aylestones are registered at the home kennel, by Jenny Byrne, the Secretary. No other pedigrees are valid and it is not an Aylestone without a valid pedigree.

We continue to keep the Old Tyme Register of half-Aylestones, giving these dogs provenance, and have a data base of Old Tyme/Aylestone pedigrees for checking authenticity and accuracy.

Registrations are slightly fraught just now as we are installing a new printer, the old one having decided not to print anymore. We will get registrations out as soon as possible.

New! See Jim's blog at http://contactaylestonebulldog.blogspot.co.uk/

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