Breed Standard

The Aylestone Standard

It is the strict desire of the breed’s originator that the same misrecognition of breeding standards that have produced the ill fated Kennel Club bulldog does not befall his creation. This guideline should be used by all wishing to contribute to the breed’s consistency.

General Description

The Aylestone bulldog is recognised through two lines: the Royal and the Standard. They are two branches of the same family. While the size difference of these two strains separates them in height and weight, general appearance should demonstrate continuity.

The ideal Aylestone bulldog is a loyal, courageous, tenacious and stubborn dog with a large powerful head and athletic muscular body. The Aylestone bulldog should be capable of feats of agility while remaining sturdy and powerful in appearance.

The Aylestone Bulldog exudes vitality and health. He should be capable of exercise with none of the breathing issues that afflict his Kennel Club relative. Male Aylestone bulldogs should be able to breed unassisted while all females should self-whelp. Bitches requiring caesarian deliveries should not be bred from; nor should any Aylestone manifesting any inherited mental or physical problems.

Their lifespan is between 10 and 14 years.


The Aylestone bulldog is above all else a family pet; his temperament should reflect this requirement. The Aylestone's disposition should be outgoing, bold and confident. While a watchful nature may be expected at home, physical aggression towards humans without provocation is not tolerated and has not been bred for.

He is intelligent but stubborn. He can be trained to a high standard of agility and obedience by an owner displaying stronger willpower. The Aylestone should reflect the best of what has come to be known as the bulldog spirit; stubborn, courageous; trustworthy and stable. He is a family man. Not the Rambo of the dog world.


The head should be large, wide and wrinkled. Ears are favoured rose but natural and button are accepted. The snout must be broad with open nostrils with no sign of air restriction. The nose should not be pushed up between the eyes. From the stop to the end of the nose must be at least one and one half inches. The bottom jaw should be undershot in the manner of the traditional bulldog. Narrowness of head and overshot mouthed dogs should be considered at fault and not bred from.


Short to medium in length and very muscular flowing into the shoulders and should not be set on the dog so it appears to stop at the shoulders.

Chest and Forequarters

Should be well sprung (rounded) and the chest wide and deep. Depth of chest should be at least to the elbows. Narrow chested dogs should be considered at serious fault. The forelegs must be strong and well boned, and will appear straight from all angles.


Should be square and balanced. Shoulders are well muscled and allow for even movement. Back is broad and should taper in the appearance of a body builder, being a little higher at the back than the front.


The rear of the dog must be well muscled and powerful. Hocks must be slightly bent and allow for good movement. Muscle should be clearly defined.


In keeping with the bulldog of the 18th century, tails are preferred straight. Screw tails in the Standard are accepted and not considered faults. Under UK law, no Aylestone Bulldog should have a cropped tail.


Short and soft.


Any colour is acceptable.

Weight and height


Height at withers: Males 18" – 21", Females 17" – 20"

Weight: 80 – 100 plus pounds

The general impression of the Royal should indicate good natured, agile muscular power.

Faults to be avoided:

  • Light bones
  • Too long a muzzle
  • Cow hocked or Chippendaled legs
  • Nervous or aggressive temperament
  • Unable to birth or mate naturally
  • Too tall


Height at withers: Males 17" – 19", Females 16" – 18"

Weight: should not exceed 80 pounds

The general impression of the Standard should indicate healthy, bold determined power.

Faults to be avoided:

  • Light bones
  • Too short or long a muzzle
  • Cow hocked or Chippendaled legs
  • Narrow chest
  • Nervous or aggressive temperament
  • Unable to birth or mate naturally
  • Too tall
Purpose of the standard


To create a large, healthy bulldog in the likeness of the traditional bulldog of old England. The Royal bitch's extra ranginess and agility enables her to demonstrate superior mothering performance.


To create a conveniently sized, healthy bulldog in the likeness of the traditional bulldog of old England, that can take his place amidst the physical hurly burly of family life.

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Unlike the Kennel Club, in our breed standards the dog's health, mentality, personality and breeding ability take precedence over mere physical appearance.

The Aylestone, despite being an impressive bulldog, is designed not for showing, but rather to be an active and loving member of the family.

Overall balance which allows for agility, strength and movement are paramount – both in Royals and Standards.