Healthy Aylestones


All pups need to be vaccinated against Parvo, which is viral gastro enteritis and extremely dangerous. Pups can be vaccinated any time after 9 weeks old (some vets say 12 weeks).

The course involves two vaccinations two weeks apart, and a puppy can go out and meet other dogs ten days after the second vaccination but not before.


When buying a puppy, try to stick to the food used by the breeder. If you must change the food do it gradually, mixing the old and new food together and slowly decreasing the old and increasing the new.

Most people feed pups dried food as this is convenient, but be aware that not all pups can absorb the nutrients in dry food – and this is particularly true of bulldog pups. Therefore when feeding dry food monitor both weight and stool carefully.

Do not give puppies bones, potato water, green potatoes, tea or onions.

Vitamin D

Bulldog pups grow fast and their bones grow very fast indeed. Therefore they need supplements of vitamin D in order to avoid getting rickets, a bone disease which causes the legs to look like sticks of rhubarb.

Bone meal or supplements such as Wafcol Bonebuilder or Canoval are suitable. Follow directions on the packaging to give the correct dose.

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