We've had issues...

Problems with the Website and the Computer Database of Pedigrees and Registrations

There has been a problem with the Aylestone website which fell off the planet several months ago. The Webmaster has given an explanation of this, which if not entirely true in all its details (no hamsters drank the beer!) puts the facts accurately.

Not as well–known is the fact that the entire computer Database — that is all the pedigrees, all the registrations — disappeared for several weeks severely impeding the preparation of new pedigrees (information had to be taken from the paper record and typed in), and new registrations (checks had to be made against the paper record). This has taken time and because the website was down it was hard to contact everyone to explain the problem!

The Database has been found — there was a back–up, of course, but it was three months behind the computer — and problems have been ironed out. There has to be a complete overhaul of the computer system, but this has to wait for the moment. Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong before the overhaul can happen!

The Newsletter — the backlist was also missing making progress difficult — is now up and running again and there will be an Autumn Newsletter before Hallowe'en.